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Starting with a plan is always critical, and understanding what you can and can’t do allows for a much smoother process. At the Design stage, you will be working with our talented Project Consultants and designers. We will work together to create a design that meets your aesthetic and functional needs while staying within budget. This is a very critical part of the process. It will determine what we will be building, what permits we will require, as well as what budgets we set aside for materials. This step is more than just creating a nice design, but is rather the first step of successful construction. Contact us now, to set up your free consultation to see how doing a design with VCH can help you.

Step 2


Now that the design is complete and we know what we need to do to achieve your goals, it is time to plan. At this stage, we will in all the details. You will work with our interior designers, and they will help your select all the materials while selecting colours and pattern that will bring your design to life. While you are having fun flexing your creative muscles, our team will take care of the following; engineering, professional services, strata approval when needed, permit application, coordination with trades and vendors, and scheduling. Once you select your desired materials, our team will take it over from here, and you get to see that magic happen. Remember if you fail to plan, your plan to fail. ​

Step 3


Now that we have crossed our T and dotted our I, it is time to work on our plan. Our team of Construction Managers will be your main source of contact. They will take care of the day to day on a renovation projects and coordinate with the interior designers to ensure your vision is brought to life. You will be able to see the progress through the interactive schedule, as well as logs added by our team so you can see the progress. Our dedicated team will work tirelessly on your project so that you can sleep easy knowing your home is in good hands. Book your consultation today, and find out how this 3 step process can help you with your project.


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