Our Approach

Our Winning Three-Step Process

Our Approach

At Vancouver Custom Homes, we build homes that fit the personality and lifestyle of our clients. With more than 75 years of combined experience in building houses, we know exactly what it takes to create more than just a living space. A home is where you should feel your best, and achieving that takes a lot of work. This is why we have developed our unique three-step approach to building custom homes that will take your breath away.

Step 1


The first step to your dream home is creating a detailed plan. With this plan, you as the homeowner and we as your building partner determine what needs to get done, including learning about your preferences and lifestyle. You will work with talented project consultants and designers at Vancouver Custom Homes to create a design that meets all your requirements.


Interior Design

Our Design Room

Our clients can enjoy our design room, which serves you to choose the materials you wish to see in your home. To ensure you’re making all the best choices, you can count on our interior designers who will guide you and simplify the process. Also, VA Custom Homes will will also help you stay within budget without compromising your needs or desires for your home. 

1000+ Materials

Professional Guidance

VCH's Discounts

Digital Selection

Step 2


Once our talented experts at Vancouver Custom Homes finish the design and agree with you with everything necessary for your new home, we will start working on detailed planning. Our interior designers will help you select all the materials, colors, and patterns to enrich your home design. 

While you’re making several creative decisions for your house, we will also take care of the engineering, required documentation, professional services, scheduling, and coordination with all trades and vendors.



Communication Is Key​

With so many moving parts, is it no surprise that most people find renovations stressful. Having to coordinate with Designers, engineers, suppliers, contractors, city permits, and inspections are a lot for anybody to manage. That is why at Vancouver General Contractors we offer our client a full turnkey solution to this challenging process. We have cultivated a process around communication and documentation, that way everybody knows what needs to happen and when. Our client portal allows our clients to stay on top of the progress with the following;

Everyday update

Integrated Messaging

Access Documents

Invoicing & Billing


Step 3


Now that we’ve planned and designed how your home will look, our construction managers at VCH will start building your new house. Because we know that homeowners like to be informed about the progress, we ensure our construction managers are communicating and answering all questions while building your house.

All our clients can also track our building progress through “Buildertrend”, software that shows the current status of your home and provides access to other relevant information like documents and invoices.

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