Custom Homes

Our exceptional building standards impress our clients and our community.

Customize and Personalize Your New Home

Building a custom home requires us to understand your personality and needs to provide you with a living space you will fully enjoy. From initial conversation to giving you the keys to your dream home, our process is transparent, interactive, creative, and of high quality.

one of a kind

What is a
Custom Home?

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind property built for you as our client. The objective of building a custom home is to bring your ideas to life by working together through the entire design and building process. Our constructors and designers will work on the floor plan and design elements that will bring out your personality in your new home.

You will work with us, your homebuilder team, to design, plan, and make a number of decisions about the construction, layout, and finish. Knowing that clients looking to build a custom home want everything to be exactly how they want it, we listen and understand to ensure you don’t compromise your home vision.

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Why Should You Build a
Custom Home?

All decisions you make in this customized building process will define the result. Your home has the potential to be exactly what you want it to be, from being designed entirely around you and your needs to being functional where you need it to be. You can decide which material and quality will be used in the building process and adjust the budget to ensure the house has all it takes for you to feel at home. 

When talking to our clients who reach out to us to build a custom home, these are the main benefits they list for choosing a custom home over any other alternative:

Complete customization

Control over costs

Peaceful property

Masterpieces of personalization

Quality construction

Less competition

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City regulations

Regulations of Building
Custom Homes

As experts in the construction sector in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area, Vancouver Custom Homes is thoroughly familiar with the entire residential permitting process. We will help you get the building permits while working closely with you on the initial drawings. 

We understand that constructing a new home is a huge undertaking, so we bring our years of experience and outstanding client recommendations to the table. Avoid headaches of learning about permit requirements, processes and timelines, fees, building codes and inspections, and utility connections, and let us guide you through the documentation process, which is necessary for us to start building and for you to bring life to this project.

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