Duplex Homes

Make the most of this merge between a house and an apartment

Having More Housing Options Under One Roof

When building a duplex, you will construct two distinctly living units separated by an adjoining wall. As an excellent opportunity for both homeowners and home renters, duplex homes differ from building a single-family home.


What is a
Duplex Home?

Although duplex homes are quite common across Canada, confusion around it still persists, mainly regarding their meaning. Many people will confuse a duplex with a two-storey home, but these two housing options have a few differences. A duplex home is a residential building with two floors. The design consists of two living units, either on two floors or side-by-side, with separate entry points. 

Although a duplex home provides two living units, it is always sold together and owned by the same individual. As such, a duplex home can provide two families with two separated living spaces or serve one extended family to live under the same roof, each enjoying its privacy.

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Benefits of Having a Duplex Home

All decisions you make in this customized building process will define the result. Your home has the potential to be exactly what you want it to be, from being designed entirely around you and your needs to being functional where you need it to be. You can decide which material and quality will be used in the building process and adjust the budget to ensure the house has all it takes for you to feel at home. 

When talking to our clients who reach out to us to build a custom home, these are the main benefits they list for choosing a custom home over any other alternative:

Getting Help with Mortgage

Renters in one unit of your duplex home might pay off your mortgage. Depending on the size and area of your duplex home, you can charge the renters partial or a full amount of your monthly mortgage payment.

Affordable Housing Solution

Most duplex homes are being built in affordable neighborhoods, meaning that your costs will be significantly lower than building, for instance, a custom home in the centre of Vancouver. Also, you can receive rental income that can be a great return on investment.

Having Your Family Close

Your second living unit can serve your children who are looking to become more independent and want the experience of how it is to live on their own. Your parents can also live there and be taken care of by the entire family.

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Costs of Building a Duplex Home

If you’re considering building a duplex home in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area, expect to pay from $250 to $300 per square foot. That means that each unit will most likely cost you around $400,000. Compared to building a single-family home, a duplex will cost you more but can pay off in the long run with the rental income.

Step 1

Check your local building codes.

Step 2

Purchase a piece of property where it is allowed to build your duplex home.

Step 3

Examine the infrastructure well before purchasing the land

Step 4

Find a construction company that will help you build the duplex.

Choose your style

Pre-designed Duplex Homes

Knowing that building a duplex home takes time, we offer a pre-designed duplex home that will save you time and money. Ensuring you have everything you need to live your best life is our mission!

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