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Interior design is what turns a house into a home. From the materials and shapes to different artistic objects in your home, interior design is what will make you feel like you belong there. As construction and interior design go hand in hand, finding a company that offers both will provide you with a home that should be on the covers of all interior design magazines.


Why Use Interior Design Services?

Would you build a home if you lack extensive construction knowledge and skills? Probably not. So, why should it be any different with interior design? We all like to play with the pillow colors, the shape of the coffee table, and the wall color in the living room, however, interior design is more than just that. It is about the overall feeling when standing in the middle of a decorated room, not just a few elements in it.

Interior design starts with the vision and makes it come alive in every detail of your home. Having interior designers breathe life into your living space delivers additional value, especially because most people entering your home first notice the interior design and then everything else.

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Hiring an Independent Interior Designer

Having the same company build and decorate your home allows us to have interior design in mind when constructing and vice versa. At Vancouver Custom Homes, our decorators actively communicate with our construction crew to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly and that you get a home that matches your preferences. 

Hiring an interior designer in Vancouver can cost up to $250 per hour. Besides the high price, they will also need to become familiar with your newly built home and get to know you to understand your preferred home style. You can avoid all this by hiring the same company with construction and interior design experts who work together to create the best home for you!

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Our Design Team Features

Interior designers at Vancouver Custom Homes provide our clients with inspiring and innovative designs. We strive to achieve a perfect balance of colors, spaces, and texture while developing new concepts and materials. 

Our motivation is to go beyond fulfilling the expectations of our clients and set standards for the entire industry with creativity and attention to detail. Our interior design services include:


Besides construction, we also offer interior design consultancy to our clients and help them find the best housing option for themselves

Design room

Choose materials for your home while consulting with our interior designers. Enjoy our live updates on your home progress, access to the Buildertrend platform.

Budget-oriented design

We bring all your design dreams to reality without harming your budget.

Conceptual presentation and renders

We will use designing software, applications, and tools to provide a clear vision of the home design and get your feedback.

Choose your style

Pre-designed Custom Home Models

Designing takes time, and new homeowners often don’t have the needed time to focus on the interior design. That is why Vancouver Custom Homes offers pre-designed custom homes that will save you the trouble of making a range of design decisions and nervously biting your nails until seeing the final results.

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