Create another housing opportunity on your property or purchase a charming already-built laneway home.

Smaller Living Spaces with Everything You Need

Have you seen these small homes replacing garages and carports across Vancouver? Laneway homes have become a popular way to provide additional living space for your family or as another income when renting it to someone else. These are typically smaller living spaces close to the lane varying from 550 sq ft to 950 sq ft.


What Is a
Laneway Home?

Often referred to as a laneway suite, a laneway home is a residential unit separated from your primary residence and is typically located in the rear yard but connected to a public laneway. The size of your laneway home will depend on the size of your lot, providing you with numerous options to make the most of this detached and ground-oriented housing. 

Although laneway homes are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas, we can also find them in rural settings. Most of the time, the homeowners will decide between building a new laneway home on their property or renovating the existing building to create a laneway home. 

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why you should consider building a laneway home

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Regulations of Building a Laneway Home

Before starting the project, you will first need to see if your lot is eligible for building a laneway home. Also, your new laneway home will need to be at least 16 feet from your house. Many other requirements need to be met to give a ‘green light’ to your construction process, which can all be a bit too overwhelming for you. That is where Vancouver Custom Homes comes in!

We guide you through the entire process, from obtaining all documentation needed to start building your laneway home to decorating it with a style of your preference.

Site servicing research

We investigate costs and all requirements for electrical service, sewer, and water connections, and gas installation.

Pre-application review

We will submit the site survey and supporting plans regarding engineering, design, and landscaping to respected institutions.

Application process

We will submit your permit application and ensure your laneway home meets all other requirements.

Once we have the permit, we will start with the building process of your laneway home!

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Costs of Building a Laneway Home

Many of our clients decide to build a laneway home because it is a more cost-effective housing option that purchasing a new house in Vancouver. On average, building a laneway home costs from $350,000 to $450,000. It would be quite challenging to find a decent home within that price range in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area.

Laneway homes are also a great return on investment. Homeowners typically rent for much more because renters will not share walls with the homeowners and have a parking spot, private entry, and patio. In 2020, 300 laneway houses got approved in Vancouver, and the number will most likely continue growing in the following years. 

Depending on the area in Vancouver, laneway homes can be sold separately from the main house, which can be a great investment opportunity. The costs of building it in the same area can be between $250 and $300 per square foot. The price of renting a laneway home is around $3,000 per month, and your monthly mortgage payment will probably be under $2,000, meaning you will have an active income from your laneway home from the first month.

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Pre-designed Laneway Home Models

At Vancouver Custom Homes, we offer you pre-designed laneway homes that will provide you with a range of opportunities to find your perfect housing solution. If you’re sure that a laneway home is exactly what you need, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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