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A spec home is a move-in-ready new house built to accelerate the construction process and avoid waiting 5-6 months to have your dream home. Spec homes are perfect for homebuyers who want to skip the entire construction process or are short of time because they allow you to move into a new home.

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What is a
Spec Home?

Spec home is a house built by the home builders and designed by the interior designers based on the trends and needs of the community in which it is built. You can expect high-quality materials, hand-selected fixtures and finishes, trendy interior design, and everything else you need to enjoy your new home from the first moment you step in. 

Based on your preferences, we will find a spec home that is right for you and help you move in as soon as possible. Because spec homes have more interested buyers than when seeking land to build your house on, you should expect a more competitive housing market, but this is something we can help you with!

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Price of Buying a Spec Home

Usually, a homebuyer will pay less for a spec home per square foot than a homebuyer paying for a same-sized custom-built home. With spec homes, you are not paying home builders for their services, from construction to the design but the home value, commission, and fees required for purchasing a new home. 

With Vancouver having the most expensive city average property price in Canada, spec homes will give a higher price than in the rest of the cities. On average, to build a 2,000 square foot detached house in Vancouver, you can expect to spend between $550,000 and $700,000. These are the factors that will affect the final price of a spec home:

Supply of property lots

Amenities and upgrades

Square footage

Supply and demand.

Design of the home

Material quality

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Pre-designed Custom Home Models

At Vancouver Custom homes, we offer home models that are already pre-designed for you. That will save you time and money you would typically spend on decorating your new home and allow you to move in earlier. Our pre-designed home offer latest design functionalities to ensure you can move in right away, but still have enough space to decorate it on your own if you want to add a personalized touch.

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